The Lunar Era

by The Lunar Era

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released November 13, 2016

All songs written by The Lunar Era
Ben Tucker - Vocals, Bass
David McQuay - Drums, Guitar
Cody Finkner - Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals
Engineered by David McQuay (Tracks 5 and 7 by Shea Springer)
Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato (Tracks 5 and 7 by Shea Springer)
Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


The Lunar Era Easton, Maryland

Formed in 2012 in the valley of the kingdom.

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Track Name: In The Valley Of The Kingdom
As the coil unwound we sought the higher ground
It forms, takes shape, the power balance breaks
What man stole is replaced by the new author of fate
It moves, shifts weight, the keeper of the gate

(The power of your will has no ambition to feed it)

The leaves blowing on the trees never wavered
The stones that man had left alone never faltered
The sea spilled upon the land and carved a path to the damned
Earth...Chose...Sides in perfect divide
Track Name: Gold Rush
A brain is never plural until it's forced from its bed
The drains have overflowed again
Break bread with our enemies
Poison the air that we breathe
The hands on the clock are pressing on aimlessly
But that makes no difference to me
No time, no age
No earth, no space
It's all been erased
As the tide is subsiding
Communication is dying
Seek the real care merchant
Bleeding in the margins
Of the low baptismal glow
Track Name: Soul Retention
Soul retention is not as vital as this whole deception
The life we're seeking is just as vital as the facts we're bending
Mass redemption riding on the backs of what is ending
The sanctuary is stone walled

Gnaw the fat off of every bone
Fall into the centuries below
Sold to the man with the earthly glow
Expose it all

Sold to the man with the empty soul
He chose this road
No reality could hold
What he stole
Track Name: The Solar Era
I've been working the fields night and day
Sweat mixes in with the dirt and the clay, wither away
Plows can cut through the soil and stone
Eyes to the harvest of seeds yet unsown
Nothing has grown
Earth torn by the shovel and spade
Triumphantly viewing the progress that's made
Rest in the Shade
Seeds sprouting roots taking form
Food for the kinsmen to weather the storm
Winter is borne

Skin turning pale, muscles are frail
You look like you've never seen the sun
Running away you know you should stay
I promise the best is yet to come

Sit, face buried deep in a screen
Trapped in the box of a corporate machine
Yearn to be free
Caged dressed in a suit and a tie
Agony bottled up deep down inside
Waiting to Die
Light flickers in fluorescent glow
Revealing the path to a life yet unknown, stand up and go
Sun radiates down from the sky
Blessing the people who know how it feels to work in the fields

Skin Turning Pale, muscles are frail
You look like you've never seen the sun
Running away you know you should stay
I promise the best is yet to come

Work every finger to the bone
Give up the rights to all you own
Track Name: Black Moon
Black moon rising, Rising above
Casting shadows on the people of the sun
Black moon rising, rising above
Give me your strength
Show me your love

I can't look away
The tide's pulling in
It burns in my eyes and it leads me astray

Black moon rising, rise in the sky
Nations tremble in fear at the sight
Black moon rising, rise in the sky
Take all your dreams and cast them aside now

I can't look away
The tide's pulling in
It burns in my eyes and it leads me astray
Track Name: Jerusalem Ridge
Life like an old fashioned fox hunt
Burns your sides
Because the air can't reach the muscles
Contract and swell and push and pull propels us on
Hooves dig deep into the railroads
That our fathers tried
To keep us away from
But no one ever listens to the gifts of time

Right behind the fleeing target
As it ducks and dives
It's against the rules to catch it
You can only sit and watch your life go flying by
The height and pinnacles of reason
Won't give the right
To take the shot and make the kill
Returning all existence to a simpler time

Fire...Pours over the falls
Desire...Unshaken resolve
Fire ...pours over the falls

Display your world as a portrait
Above a dinner plate
While they talk about the weather
And perpetual misfortune
Sight, insight is outside
Measurable time
The point has been exposed it's just a tunnel vision sprint
Into the great unknown
Track Name: Red River
Red River show me
Show me a sign
Red River told me life is just a lie
The messenger showed me
That when we die
Our minds are released into the cycles of the sky

Show me a sign if you don't mind talking to me
Show me a sign as the moons they rise

No light...No Sunrise
The night sky...has frozen my eyes

Look to the trees
These are the greetings from the first and fourth seasons
Gone is the light and we can't hide
From all the truths that we find

A total collapse
A mental divide over space and time
It never falters it never fails
The red river prevails