Red River Black Moon

by The Lunar Era

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Misfit1969 thumbnail
Misfit1969 This is a great 2 track the only bummer is its been way too long since the band released it. Both tracks are equally strong the bass on the first gets me from go. Very tight band, hope for more. Good stuff from Maryland! Favorite track: Red River.
JB thumbnail
JB Can't stop listening to Red River, amazing piece of stoner rock with an excellent ending. Looking forward to a full album guys! Favorite track: Red River.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ The bass intro to "Red River" sold this to me before even a chord was struck.
Kick-ass two tracks of sludgey stoner metal brilliance with top end musicianship by all involved Bass and drum lock in together tighter than a nun's legs allowing the guitarist freedom to riff ,solo at will while all the time the vocals sing, scream. roar and growl over the top
ACE! Favorite track: Red River.
Agent K(ahunasan)
Agent K(ahunasan) thumbnail
Agent K(ahunasan) Hard to go against anything Brother Paul and Lord Vader from the Dark Side of the Moon has already said in regards to this band's Sound.
Progressive Stoner Doom Metal anyone?
Both tracks are excellent.
No Wrong moves here.
Topi thumbnail
Topi Well done Paul, and The Lunar Era, of course. The two tracks have a nice doomy vibe with a touch of prog. In a kick-ass kind of way! Favorite track: Black Moon.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote This was free download only. I emailed the band and they made it name your own price. Brothers and sisters the bands don't understand the free download problem. Email a band when you see free download. This is killer !! Now you y o can own it! Favorite track: Red River.
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released January 21, 2015

Bass/Vox/Guitar - Ben Tucker
Guitar/Vox - Cody Finkner
Drums/Guitar - David McQuay



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The Lunar Era Easton, Maryland

Formed in 2012 in the valley of the kingdom.

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Track Name: Red River
Red River show me, show me a sign
Red River told me, that life is just a lie
The Messenger showed me, that when we die
Our minds are released into the cycles of the sky

Show me a sign if you don't mind talking to me
Show me a sign as the moons they rise

No light
No sunrise
The night sky
Has frozen my eyes

Look to the trees, this is the greeting from the first and fourth seasons
Gone is the light and we can't hide from all the truths that we find
A total collapse, a mental divide over space and time
It never falters, it never fails the red river prevails
Track Name: Black Moon
Black moon rising, rising above
Casting shadows on the people of the sun
Black moon rising, rising above
Give me your strength, show me your love
I Can't look away, The tide is pulling in
It burns in my eyes and it leads me astray

Black moon rising, rise in the sky
Nations tremble in fear at the sight
Black moon rising, rise in the sky
Take all your dreams and cast them aside
I can't look away, The tide is pulling in
It burns in my eyes and it leads me astray